Thursday, February 7, 2013 me it was a grilled bolagna, egg, and cheese....

     Over half a century ago, I was born in Atlanta, Georgia.  It's about 100 miles south of what I now call my hometown (because that's where my parents live), Mt. Airy, GA.  Anyway, on this day note the difference between the temperature in Atlanta and Gumi (where I was while blogging this).

     It was COLD outside.  It was the kind of cold that leaves your face feeling frozen in place until it thaws after you enter a warm building.  While my face thawed, I enjoyed the sandwich and coffee pictured above.  The menu called it a "steak and cheese toast," but to me it was an "grilled egg, bologna, and american cheese sandwich."  Still, it was cheap, and it was good enough for a final meal on this day.

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