Monday, January 21, 2013

On a rainy, January, Monday night

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ok! These babies will help make lunch this week.

Did I tell you about this yogurt?

     Why?  Oh, why don't the supermarkets near my apartment sell this plain yogurt in half-gallon cartons is beyond me to figure out!  They don't even have plain yogurt in quart or pint sizes.  No!  If I want to buy plain yogurt from them, I have to buy it in those small portion sizes.  Sometimes I think, "Gosh! It's like they are afraid I want to eat more plain yogurt and save money too!"  

     Don't tell me that there isn't a demand for this half-gallon size of plain yogurt!  I've talked with other people in the area who say they LOVE it and, like me, they go to the same supermarket six kilometers away to get it.  Yes!  It costs me some taxi fare (I could go by bus, but I choose to go by taxi.), but I can make up for the cost by buying a few other bulk items.  The supermarkets near my home could very easily win loyalty from me and others by carrying items that we love buying (like cereals, jams, and block cheeses).  But, hey!  It's their business!

     Anyway, I love being able to pour out as much yogurt as I want for a serving.  The half-gallon size costs only about five thousand wons.  Yes, it's cheaper, I get more yogurt, and I deal with less packaging.

      I mix a few cereals, dried fruits and nuts to make this hearty blend.  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

What I enjoyed at Bennigan's in Daegu!

     I wanted to splurge, so I went to Daegu!  A man from Indonesia, now living in Waegwan, contacted me via. Google Plus.  He requested my friendship on Facebook.  I accepted, and we chatted, and decided to meet and enjoy dinner together.  

     I already had in mind that I wanted to go to either Outback or to Bennigan's.

     I enjoy Outback, but I am pleased that I went to Bennigan's and  enjoyed the ribeye meal I'm showing you here.

     Rice bowl salad, anyone?

     It was part of the meal, and I enjoyed it.  Yes, I ate a lot of bread at this meal!  On the next day, I lightened up.

     I avoid sweetened beverages as much as I can.  This meal included a beverage.  I asked the server if they had something not so sweet.  She recommended the tomato soda pictured above.  Not bad!  Refreshing, and not too sweet!

     Any questions about the above picture?

     My only disappointment, and it wasn't that big a deal, was that they were sold out of baked sweet potatoes (so early in the evening).  No problem, baked potato I got topped with sour cream and cheddar cheese was wonderful!

     A cup of coffee was included with the meal, and the staff there was very efficient about serving and removing empty dishes.  Altogether, the dining experience was delightful!

     After dinner, we walked back to Daegu Station where I boarded a train to return to Gumi.  He boarded a different train to return to Waegwan.

     It had been a few months since my last visit to this area of Daegu.  I didn't notice any big changes in the scenery.  Still, it was well lined with coffee shops, ice cream shops, restaurants, clothing shops, phone shops, and more.  Still, it was a place of choice for many to enjoy walking, talking, dining, and sipping with family and friends.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thin Crust Pizza at Pasta Buono in Gumi

     It's what I wanted, so I walked a mile (well almost) to have it.  It's a thin crust pizza with potato and chicken.   Delicious!  It was just enough (not too heavy, not too light) to satisfy.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Look what I got at "Coffee Tree" in Gumi!

     10,000 Korean wons for the set.  I think that's a little pricey, but the kind lady boiled the noodles, prepared the sauce and put it all together right there in her little cooking area.  It was delicious, and the ambiance of "Coffee Tree" was / is comforting, relaxing, soothing, cozy... you get the idea.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

At a place called "Sheodomae" in Gumi, South Korea

     The Korean spelling is 시오도메.  The English spelling I saw is "Sheodomae."  I don't know the reason for the "sh" in the English spelling.  I just know that normally 시오 is spelled "seo"  and pronounced like "see oh."  Who cares, right?  It's just a little trivia.

     Anyway, this restaurant features breaded pork cutlet meals.  In Korea, the breaded pork cutlet is called "doan gahs seh" (accent the middle syllable).  The Korean spelling can be 똔까스 or (sometimes) 똔가스.

     I've been told that this breaded pork cutlet has Japanese origins.  Well, I guess that's good to know.

     In most restaurants where I've enjoyed it, it has been served on a plate, covered with a brown sauce, next to some rice and slaw.  At some restaurants, I've gotten the meal for only 3000 Korean wons.  At others I've paid more.  At this restaurant, I paid 8000 Korean wons for the meal pictured above.



At "Hands Coffee" in Yeongcheon, South Korea

      Yeongcheon in Gyeongsanbuk-do in South Korea was home to me for about 40 months.  While there "Hands Coffee" became one of my favorite coffee shops.  After having been away (because I moved to Gumi) for about a year, I decided to visit the old hometown again.  Of course, I visited, and hungout (reading a book) for a few hours at "Hands Coffee."

     The sandwich pictured above is called "Hands Sandwich."  It's toasted bread filled with cream cheese and chopped walnuts.  To me it was delightful!