Sunday, January 20, 2013

Did I tell you about this yogurt?

     Why?  Oh, why don't the supermarkets near my apartment sell this plain yogurt in half-gallon cartons is beyond me to figure out!  They don't even have plain yogurt in quart or pint sizes.  No!  If I want to buy plain yogurt from them, I have to buy it in those small portion sizes.  Sometimes I think, "Gosh! It's like they are afraid I want to eat more plain yogurt and save money too!"  

     Don't tell me that there isn't a demand for this half-gallon size of plain yogurt!  I've talked with other people in the area who say they LOVE it and, like me, they go to the same supermarket six kilometers away to get it.  Yes!  It costs me some taxi fare (I could go by bus, but I choose to go by taxi.), but I can make up for the cost by buying a few other bulk items.  The supermarkets near my home could very easily win loyalty from me and others by carrying items that we love buying (like cereals, jams, and block cheeses).  But, hey!  It's their business!

     Anyway, I love being able to pour out as much yogurt as I want for a serving.  The half-gallon size costs only about five thousand wons.  Yes, it's cheaper, I get more yogurt, and I deal with less packaging.

      I mix a few cereals, dried fruits and nuts to make this hearty blend.  

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