Sunday, January 6, 2013

At a place called "Sheodomae" in Gumi, South Korea

     The Korean spelling is 시오도메.  The English spelling I saw is "Sheodomae."  I don't know the reason for the "sh" in the English spelling.  I just know that normally 시오 is spelled "seo"  and pronounced like "see oh."  Who cares, right?  It's just a little trivia.

     Anyway, this restaurant features breaded pork cutlet meals.  In Korea, the breaded pork cutlet is called "doan gahs seh" (accent the middle syllable).  The Korean spelling can be 똔까스 or (sometimes) 똔가스.

     I've been told that this breaded pork cutlet has Japanese origins.  Well, I guess that's good to know.

     In most restaurants where I've enjoyed it, it has been served on a plate, covered with a brown sauce, next to some rice and slaw.  At some restaurants, I've gotten the meal for only 3000 Korean wons.  At others I've paid more.  At this restaurant, I paid 8000 Korean wons for the meal pictured above.



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