Saturday, August 17, 2013

Waffle House in Cornelia, Georgia, I enjoyed your service!

     It was sometime in 1979 when I last lived in Habersham County, Georgia.  Back then, the 365 highway was being constructed to merge with 441, there was a Pizza Hut, and an Ingles.  Before then, backroads were all there were, and sometimes two or three of them all came out at the same place.  Still, getting to Gainesville, Toccoa, Atlanta, or any other distant town took more time driving along winding roads.  

     Since then, Walmart, another Ingles, a couple of McDonald's, a couple of Wendy's, a couple of Waffle Houses, a Huddle House, a Captain D's, a couple of Subway Sandwish shops, and a few Mexican restaurants have moved into the area.  

     Since I've decided (with some pleading from my mother) to move back to the area, I figured I'd better get out and about and get to know the place again.  

     After working out at Any Time Fitness, I decided (before going to buy a few groceries) to eat a meal at Waffle House.  I was pleased with the service I got, and the food was delicious!  No need for me to describe the food I ate, you can see a picture of it above.  

     The folks around here talk "country."  I'm sure they wonder where I've come from since my accent isn't so common.  "It's a long story, but I remember back when....!" is usually the beginning of my reply to the question, "Where're you from?"

     This Waffle House is located near the K-Mart (the only K-Mart around).  My waiter was outstanding.  The cook was very accommodating.  I was pleased to give them both tips they well deserved.

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