Saturday, December 21, 2013

I noticed some lonely blueberries in the fridge, so...! Muffins / Pancakes anyone?

        I'll keep the reading material to a minimal.

     I've never seen much difference between muffin and pancake batters.  I put eggs, butter, and milk in both.  I use self-rising flour in both.  In both, I start with mixing everything, except the self-rising flour, in a bowl until everything is (wait for it) well mixed and distributed.  Then, I gradually, and gently, start folding in the self-rising flour until I see the thickness I want in the batter -- lumpy-clumpy for muffins, pourable for pancakes.  Obviously, I make pancake batter thinner, so I'll start with more milk than with muffins.  In both cases, "GENTLE" is a key treatment of the batter once I've added the flour, because over mixing the batter produces tougher pancakes / muffins.  I ignore the lumpy-clumpiness of the batter.

      Egg, vanilla, buttermilk, oatmeal, sugar, diced apples, and fresh blueberries....

        I baked them at 375 for until light brown and a toothpick would come out clean.  With the batter left in the bowl, I put a skillet to work.  Saphira (my canine child) loved sharing the pancake with me!


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