Thursday, December 19, 2013

Peanut butter can be very useful for stretching the pennies!

     I never thought I would ever enlist the help of "food stamps" to help me while I'm getting my act together (again), but I decided that since the service was available I would at least apply for some, use them wisely, and stop using them altogether as soon as possible.  One of the good things about working in the dining hall at North Georgia Technical College is that I get to eat a meal with each shift, and that helps a lot!  God knows I want to show gratitude as best as I can.

     Anyway, I'm not fishing for sympathy, but neither am I gonna sugar coat my life.  I'm just telling it like it is.  I've enjoyed many good prosperous days during my lifetime, and I've learned much from many days of watching the pennies so that the dollars can take care of themselves.  I've learned how to make loaves of bread and then recycle that bread into something else (bread crumbs for topping on macaroni and cheese, croutons for salads, crumbled up for baked dressing).  I've learned how to turn left over roast beef into BBQ for sandwiches, and soup with lots of left over vegetables.  I can take left over potato soup (ask Mom) drain the soup part to use in bread making and use the potatoes and vegetable part to make a potato salad.  I can make potato pancakes out of left over potatoes.  I've learned how to turn apples and old cookies into a delicious baked dessert.  You get the idea.  On the first day it would be biscuit and gravy.  On the next day, it would be gravy and bisuits.  Waste not want not.

     Peanut butter is so versatile, isn't it!  Gosh!  Talk about simple satisfaction in a jar.  I've smeared that stuff on left over cornbread, day old biscuits, and chocolate chip cookies.  Why it's delicious on a chicken sandwich or used as a dip for any kind of chicken.  Pancakes topped with peanut butter are yummy!  It's really useful at helping to stretch the pennies!

     In the picture you can see some homemade bread topped with peanut butter mixed with fresh blueberries and homemade fig preserves.  Uh huh!  What a delightful afternoon snack chased down with black coffee!

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